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A live preview of the musical will be presented on March 29, 2017,  5 – 8 PM, hosted by Karl Heitman, Heitman Architects, 180 N. Wacker Drive.  If you would like to be invited to the reception and to hear songs and scenes from the musical, contact June Finfer:

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Previous performances have been presented at architecturally significant venues, including:

Theatre Wit
Carr Chapel, Illinois Institute of Technology
Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN
Glessner House, Chicago
Pleasant Home, Oak Park
Athenaeum Theatre
Chicago Temple Building

“The White City Musical was very well-received by guests at the November production at Pleasant Home in Oak Park, Illinois. The significance of this great story is of special importance to the local Oak Park community, an architecturally-rich village located just outside of Chicago. With the combination of history, humor and excellent musical performances, the show appealed to a wide audience including seniors, young adults, music aficionados and architecture buffs. Guests particularly enjoyed the representation of Daniel Burnham and Louis Sullivan, and music numbers such as “Never Marry an Architect” and “Are You In” were crowd favorites. If The White City Musical were to become a full production, there will already be a solid fan base who will jump at the chance to experience it again.”

Heidi Ruehle-May Executive Director

Pleasant Home Foundation

Did your great grandparents get to go to the great Fair?
Do you ever dream about being there?

Now you can join your neighbors to visit the 1893 World Columbian Exposition — in story and song.

Meet Dan Burnham, John Root, and Louis Sullivan as they struggle to build a great World’s Fair in less time than it took to build the Auditorium Building.

How did Margaret Burnham deal with her husband’s long absences from home in Evanston? She tells us when she sings “Never Marry an Architect.”

Why is the Ferris Wheel important to the Fair? “We’ve Got to Out-Eiffel-Eiffel.”

How does Dan Burnham go on when his creative partner John Root dies suddenly before the Fair is even planned?

What demands does Louis Sullivan make for his Transportation Building?

What is the battle between Eastern and Western architecture that plays out in the design of the main buildings?

What role did African-Americans, women, and immigrants play in the building of the Fair?

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